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Saturday, 07 February 2015 10:09

Riflessioni Inglese

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Reflection  1 - Holiness is for everyone, even for you!

Reflection  2 -  The more holy, the more human

Reflection  3 - Mother Clelia,Woman Rich in God

Reflection  4 - Clelia, Woman of Prayer

Reflection 5 -  Mother Clelia Woman of Forgiveness and Charity

Reflection  6 - Mother Clelia a Woman Completely Abandoned to God’s Will

Reflection  7 - The Humility of Mother Clelia

Reflection  8 - Clelia in the footsteps of Mary

Reflection  9 - The Sacred Heart and Mother Clelia

Reflection  10 - 

Rekindle the flame of Christ’s mercy in all the world (2016-2017)

Reflection 1 - We are called to give witness

Reflection 2 - To see the world with the eyes of God

Reflection 3 - Wake up the world with the joy of the Gospel

Reflection  4 - You yourselves give them something to eat

Reflection  5 - With Mother Clelia Merloni Toward her Beatification


Mother Clelia Activity 1

Mother Clelia Activity 2

Mother Clelia Activity 3


 Year C - 2015 - 2016

Reflection 1 - Treat everyone with delicacy and fraternal charity

Reflection 2 - Educating the heart in love and mercy

Reflection 3 - A message of love from Mother Clelia

Reflection 4 - “Charitas Christi urget nos” (2 Cor 5, 14) “The love of Christ impels us”

Reflection 5 - “Love for the Church and the Pope”

Reflection 6 - Reparation: Gestures of Love and Witness

The Great Jubilee of Mercy


 Year B - 2014-2015

Reflection 1 - Tenderness and mercy in Mother Clelia

Reflection 2 - Mother Clelia’s Evangelical Style

Reflection 3 - Mother Clelia’s Desire for Holiness

Reflection 4 - Mother Clelia’s charism brings joy to the family

Reflection 5 - Opening ourselves to the Father’s mercy following the example of Clelia Merloni

Reflection 6 - Recognizing the signs of the presence of God in creation and in everyday life


Year A - 2013 - 2014

Reflection 1 - The Congregation of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus extends to the laity

Reflection 2 - The GFASC family in prayer with Mother Clelia

Reflection 3 - 

Reflection 4 - The Eucharist in the Life of Mother Clelia

Reflection 5 - GFASC and Devotion to Mary

Reflection 6 - Teaching with Images Mother Clelia’s wise method


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